STI's and treatments

  • STIs are infections passed from one person to another during skin to skin or intimate sexual contact
  • STIs usually affect the genitals, anus, or mouth, but can also affect other areas of the body
  • STIs usually do not cause signs or symptoms
  • Sometimes they may cause discharges, sores, growths or rashes

How do I catch them?

  • Having penetrative sex, vaginal, oral or anal, without a condom
  • Even protected sex can put you at risk of catching some STIs.
  • Some activities are higher risk than others:
  • Unprotected sex
    • with casual partners
    • with multiple partners
    • with a partner who has taken risks - had unprotected sex with casual partners
    • with a partner who has injected drugs

Men who have unprotected anal sex with other men are also at higher risk.