I think I may have been exposed to HIV

If you think that you have been exposed to HIV within the last 72 hours you might be suitable for PEP (Post exposure prophylaxis). Click here for more information.

If more than 72 hours has passed since the contact, come in to have a baseline test and a full screen. We can discuss the situation and arrange whatever follow up is appropriate. We have specialised counsellors to help you if you are feeling anxious and worried.

Should I come to the clinic?

There are few people in life who haven't taken a risk. If you feel you have been at risk come to see us and we will check you out

Most infections don't have symptoms so you may not notice anything wrong or have any complaints. If in doubt, check it out!

What is a risk?

Breathing is a risk! Having sex is natural, having sex with someone you are unsure of can be risky. Condoms, used properly, are great protectors so it is a good idea to have condoms with you if there is a chance you will have a "one night stand".

Different types of sex have different risks. Unprotected sex with a stranger where you receive vaginal or anal sex is a definite risk for STI's including HIV. Unprotected vaginal or anal sex with a stranger is also a risk but not as big a risk as when you are the active partner.

What about oral sex?

You are very unlikely to get HIV from unprotected oral sex but you could get other STIs like gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis.

I have my period can I still attend for my appointment?

Yes, we can take all the important tests and examine you when you have your period. It's no problem to us but if you feel more comfortable waiting a day or two that's ok.

How do I get my results?

If you have a positive result it is our policy to contact you. It is really important that you give us your correct contact details, ideally more than one way of contacting you. If you are worried please contact us.

We do not routinely contact people if all the results are negative.

I haven't noticed anything wrong, does that mean I'm ok?

Not necessarily. Some infections have smptoms but many don't. Symptoms are more common in men than women. If in doubt check it out!

My partner had a check up and was ok, does that mean I'm ok?

Not necessarily. You might have an infection that you haven't passed on to your partner by the time they had their check up. If in doubt check it out!

Does anybody have to know I was at The GUIDE Clinic?

Nobody will be informed of your attendance at the clinic without your knowledge.

What are the symptoms of an STI?

There are no reliable symptoms of an STI, in fact many STIs have no symptoms at all. However if you have noticed any of the following come in and get checked out:

  • Abnormal Vaginal discharge
  • penile discharge
  • Genital lumps
  • Pain on passing urine/other urinary symptoms
  • Genital sores or ulcers
  • Pelvic pain, pain during sex
  • Itching in the pubic/genital area

If in doubt, check it out!

How often should I have a check up?

That will depend on the risks you've taken and on who you have been with.

A lot of people like to get a check up before they start a new relationship. If you regularly have casual sex it is a good idea to have regular check ups and to avail of vaccination against hepatitis A and B. We can give you hepatitis A and B vaccination at the clinic.

Do I have to pay?

The clinic is completely free and your medication is also free. However, if you want to help us provide a better service donations, no matter how small, will be greatly received. There is a donation box located on the wall outside Reception.

Will having a HIV test affect my chances of getting insurance or a mortgage?

No. Insurance companies today recognise today that a HIV test is a routine test.